2019 Season FIO Italia Scholarship Competition Terms and Conditions

By participating in this competition, submitting their videos, and directing friends and family to FIO’s YouTube page by promoting themselves on social media, all participants acknowledge and agree with the terms contained in this page. This content was sent in PDF form for each of the applicants on March 15th, at 8:59 pm.

What Participants Need to Do

Promote their videos which are on FIO's YouTube Channel. The only valid form of promotion for your video is promoting the link received by FIO. You may promote your video with our link in any social media: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc... You may also send the link in email blasts if you wish.   


The Winner

The winner will be the singer whose video receives the most likes on our YouTube channel. There will be only one winner. Should two or more of the participants have the same number of likes, FIO's artistic director will make a decision between the top competitors.   


The prize

FIO Italia is awarding one full tuition waiver and housing waiver for the 2019 season of its festival to the winner of the FIO Italia Scholarship Competition. Airfare, insurance, and any other expenses are NOT covered in this prize. The tuition and housing waivers cannot in any way be claimed in any currency.    


Competition Schedule and Winner Announcement

The competition starts on March 15th, at 9:00 pm EST, when all participants receive the video links. The competition ends on March 19th, at 11:59 pm EST, when the likes on every video are counted. The winner will be announced publicly on our website, although it will be visible throughout our YouTube Channel. Plan your strategy to reach as many people as possible!



The winner must perform the roles as described in their letter of acceptance, following all of the requirements described in the same letter. Failing to do so will automatically disqualify the winner for the tuition and housing waiver.



By participating in this competition, the singer gives FIO Italia permission to use their videos, upload them to our YouTube Channel, and use the likes on that channel to elect a winner.   


This competition is contingent on the success of FIO Italia. FIO reserves the right to cancel the festival and any of the prizes or awards connected to it, should an event such as a natural disaster, military conflict, or economic situation beyond the festival’s control occur, that would prevent the festival from happening.